Bill Gates Spends $ 1.6 Billion on the Coronavirus Vaccine

Vaccination acceleration efforts began in 2018, long before COVID-19. It is important to admit that this is not a transient state or a fading reactivity.

We are tackling a new level of oversight that is well planned, well funded. This planning was conceived by Bill Gates before the disease happens, and if the radicals get what they want, it will go on permanently – or until we stand up to fight it. You may be interested: Bill Gates thinks an impending disease could kill 30 million people in 6 months

A 5-Year Plan

A roadmap, updated in March of the year Two thousand Nineteen, reveals a 5-year plan showing that they are almost halfway. The plan advocates the following restrictions for travel to Europe:

  • A “pilot scope assessment platform” based on the inputs of stakeholders will be established to provide “information sharing and vaccine coverage” data for international travel.
  • This platform will provide a complete central database with “electronic vaccination information systems or similar data sources”.
  • This data will be driven by an “open source computer algorithm that can be shared and used by regions and countries” (however, the more widely used something, the more convenient it is for hackers). “Cross-border vaccine coverage assessments” will be open to the public.
  • This system is what people want to be by governments. new vaccinations With a reporting feature that reminds them when they should be, it will provide suggestions to both existing reminder systems and future systems. This tracking system can also be used to refuse travel applications until a new vaccination is made.
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  • Groups that will work on “vaccine hesitation” will be established and an “online contra vaccine disinformation” will be planned, which instead of telling the truth, they will spread the information they want investors to tell in order to achieve a higher vaccination rate, often in a tacit way.

Investing another $ 1.6 billion to advance vaccination vision

This Vaccine Bill Gates is one of the main stakeholders who want the global expansion of the system. He has invested billions of dollars while doubling his fortune. Participating in international health studies has been very profitable for him.

Just yesterday Bill Gates pledged to invest another $ 1.6 billion to advance his vaccination vision. It should also be noted that the information this database can reach is at an incredible level.

To give an annoying example; If one knows what vaccinations a politician has, it is possible for his ruthless rivals to use that information at a critical time to abuse his name and frustrate the politician by not allowing him to talk about a vital issue. This is creepy.

However, we are excited to offer Americans a way to fight these billionaires every day. Today, we can demand that our legislators and governors take action to free our nation and the world from the control of those who think that others can buy and sell their freedom with money.

Some conservatives may seek a vaccine for an illness, with the numbers mostly showing 99.97% of Americans recovering without hospitalization or intervention. It is the freedom to do so, but even those who want a vaccine.

Some conservatives may request that 99.97% of those caught develop a vaccine for a disease they recover without medical treatment or hospitalization.

They are free to think so, but even those wishing to develop a vaccine must recognize that it is important to protect their constitutional freedom to choose or refuse a vaccine personally, without being required by a state politician or a local school board.

Even if you want the vaccine, I advise you to stand up to support those who do not. Not just to protect Americans’ freedom, but to lead the whole world.

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China’s Social Loan Application

China is currently receiving a complex “social credit” score. This system is a surveillance system that monitors almost everything, the number of steps taken each day, every place visited, every online search, every word typed, even some speculation, even searches for current keywords.

Anything a person buys at the grocery store, such as alcohol that lowers a score or diapers that increases a score, is tracked and affects the person’s overall social credit score.

According to your credit score, everything is dictated to you, from which hospital you can go to for medical treatment, which schools your children can attend, which neighborhood you can live in, whether you have the right to live in a luxury apartment, or which car you will drive.

According to ABC reporter Matthew Carney, there are about 10 million Chinese who were punished during the trial period of this surveillance system. Carney continues as follows;

“[Araştırmacı gazeteci Liu] Hu lost her social credit due to a criminal complaint about a speech, and now she’s distancing herself from the public because of her low credit score… “There are many people who shouldn’t be on the blacklist, but they can’t get out,” says Hu.

This situation destroyed Hu’s career and isolated him, Hu now fears for his family’s future. The social credit system denied the right to travel and sentenced him to house arrest in his hometown of Chongqing. … Hu said, “I tried to use a phone app to book a train ticket to Xi’an but this attempt was rejected. According to the application, my right to book and access the high speed train is legally restricted ”

Spy Army

Social media accounts where Hu published most of his investigative journalism information were also closed. Hu is now showing the combined Wechat and Weibo accounts with two million followers. [hükümet tarafından] claims to be censored.

National trainers for the contact tracing surveillance system in America are praising precisely this invasive surveillance monitoring system. They literally celebrate China for using a “huge system” like a central database.

In addition, those who train this growing civilian spy army are very ready to immediately say “there is no judgment” against the principle of “private life” because, according to them, there is no such thing as “private life” even if it is determined by the constitution, if someone intends to harm society, society is more important.

We build an army of spies and train them to ignore the Constitution to make communist China jealous… What could be worse?

Now is the time to get in touch with every legislature in DC and the governors across the whole country and demand that they cut local espionage funds. (Washington or Washington, DC is the capital of the United States.)

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