What is Amoeba? Detailed Information About Amoebas

The term “amoeba” is used when referring to simple structured eukaryotic organisms that display characteristic crawling behavior. However, the comparison of genetic content by scientists with various amoeba shows that these organisms need not be genetically intimate. Cell Structure All living things are divided into eukaryotes and prokaryotes according to …

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Coronavirus May Not Have Chinese Origin, Oxford Professor

According to a professor from Oxford University, the coronavirus may not have originated in China. Researcher Tom Jeferson, invited to investigate the detection of the virus that causes SARS-CoV-2 in sewage water, said the remains of this virus. China’s first COVID-19 case claimed that it predates the reporting date. In …

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Second Worst Ebola Epidemic Officially Announced Ended

The methods used in the process of combating the disease are now being implemented for use in COVID-19 and other Ebola outbreak in Congo. The end has finally been reached in the second largest Ebola epidemic. The epidemic that started in Congo in August 2018 infected a total of 3,470 …

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