Children are at High Risk! Mysterious illness associated with coronavirus

Children, adolescents and young adults are at greater risk of COVID-19 serious complications than we thought, according to a new study conducted by the COVID-19 PICU Collaborative Group, which includes a large number of doctors and medical researchers across the US. And those with underlying health conditions are more at risk than any of them.

Published research describes characteristics of children with severe COVID-19 in North America

From study authors Dr. Lawrence C. KleinmanTells Thailand Medical News “The idea that young people are protective against Covid-19 is wrong. It is important to note that although children with other chronic conditions, including obesity, are more likely to get sick, children without chronic diseases are also at risk. Parents must continue to take the virus seriously

For the clinical study, 48 children and young adults from newborns to 21 years old admitted to pediatric intensive care units (PICUs) in the US and Canada for COVID-19 in March and April were observed.

More than 80 percent had underlying chronic conditions such as immunosuppression, obesity, diabetes, seizures or chronic lung disease. 40 percent of these were due to technological support due to developmental delays or genetic anomalies. It was observed that more than 20 percent had malfunctions in two or more organ systems due to COVID-19. In addition, it has been observed that about 40 percent of them need breathing tubes and breathing apparatus.

In addition, at the end of the follow-up period, approximately 33 percent of the children continued to stay in the hospital due to COVID-19, while three children required respiratory support and one life support. Two of the children observed during the three-week study period died. She is a pediatric intensive care specialist who runs the study at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Hariprem Rajasekhar “This study provided a fundamental understanding of the early disease burden of COVID-19 in pediatric patients. Findings suggest that this disease was already common in March. and affirms that it is not universally benign among children

Kawasaki disease

Children are at High Risk! Mysterious disease associated with coronavirus

He stated that doctors in the New York metropolitan area are seeing cases in children that appear to be a new syndrome associated with COVID-19.

He continued,  Data collection for this study has ended, but we continue to develop collaborations to try to understand diseases such as heart failure, Kawasaki disease, and more serious complications, referred to as the pediatric multi-systemic inflammatory syndrome condition seen by my colleagues in our region and across the country. In the last 7 days alone, 3 children have died, and 73 more children have become seriously ill in New York City as a result of this newly emerging pediatric very systematic inflammatory syndrome. Medical professionals in America are reporting more cases involving children across the country. Some virologists say that newly mutated strains of SARS-CoV-2 are responsible for this newly fatal clinical condition in children.

During this process, parents please pay more attention, double your precautions and take your children to the hospital immediately if they show any symptoms.

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