Fireworks Drop Toxic Metals In The Air.

The fireworks created by the dance of light and colors undoubtedly create a visual feast. But a new study of this glamorous show health risks revealed that he was carrying. Made on this first This study, which is shown as a study, shows that harmful substances continue to remain suspended in the air when the lights of the fireworks turn off and their particles mix into the air. to destruction says it led.

In this study conducted by researchers at New York University Langone Medical Center, air samples were collected from various cities in the USA for 14 years. When the researchers complete their analysis Independence Day and New Year in the air during celebrations significant increases in the change of toxic substances determined.

Fireworks are a result of the combination of the metals they contain with high temperature. color feast keep you alive. Mostly in their content titanium, copper, lead, strontium They contain metals such as. Based on the knowledge that the remains of these metals were suspended in the air after the fireworks display, the researchers conducted a number of experiments examining the possible effects of these remains on animals and humans.

“Although people are exposed to such substances every year for short periods of time, these residues contain substances that are more toxic than the standard pollution in the air we breathe every day,” says researcher Terry Gordon. “

Researchers detonate types of fireworks in the lab

In the lab, the researchers detonated a variety of fireworks that are frequently traded in the United States. They collected the particles released from this explosion. They exposed both mice and human lung cells to these particles at dosages that were polluted a New Yorker would be exposed in an average day.

The researchers observed a significant increase in oxidation levels associated with exposure to particles, unlike oxidation, which is a healthy reaction the body normally performs. Oxidation activityWhen it rises, it can cause damage to cells and DNA structure. This has been demonstrated in connection with pneumonia in mice exposed to toxic particles.

At the same time, the damage caused by the Back Cuckoo type explosive to human lung cells was 10 times greater than the non-toxic saline solution used as a control experiment.

Gordon finally draws attention to an important point:
“We take great care to protect ourselves from possible explosion injury. Our findings reveal the devastating long-term effect of breathing fireworks fumes, which is an often overlooked risk.

The researchers state that they are at a very early stage of this research. This study, which deals with one-time exposure to toxic particles, has a long way to go. For example, constant exposure to fireworks smoke. Researchers will continue to share their findings and draw attention to this issue, which is of great concern to public health.

This research has been published in the journal Particle and Fiber Toxicology.

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