How Long Can We Live With The Fat In Our Body?

When we need to talk about “fat”, which is also present in our blood and can be absorbed and burned by organs, the point we have to mention is fatty acids. These generally form long chains of 16 to 18 carbon atoms.

Just like glucose, fatty acids are packaged smartly so they can be stored in large numbers without taking up too much space. You can compare it with a zip file on your computer. That’s why fatty acids are stored in three bundles known as ‘triglycerides’.¬†Thousands of tightly packed triglycerides are stored in a single fat cell. This huge amount of fuel is a real gold mine. This fuel will be consumed if you do not eat for several hours or if you are physically active for an extended period of time (for example, exercising or doing housework).

At this point, fatty acids are “clipped” from triglycerides, released into the blood, and then sent to organs that need fuel. This way, the fuel (in the form of fatty acids) is literally sent from your fat to your other organs.

Our fat affects us during periods of hunger. But how long can that take?

In other words, how long can we survive from our oil? Chemistry studies have shown that burning 1 gram of fat loses 9.4 pounds of calories.

Fat Ratio in a Healthy Adult

How Long Can We Live With The Fat In Our Body?

That’s more than twice the 4.1 kilocalories you get when you burn 1 gram of glucose. This is why our body stores fuel not only as glycogen, but also in the form of fat. Wouldn’t you prefer to put enough gasoline in your car that can travel 700 km instead of 200 km?

If we wanted to store the same amount of calories as glycogen, we would have to gain more weight. Weighing 70 pounds A healthy adult has about 14 pounds of body fat. Since burning 1 gram of fat yields 9.4 kilocalories, this equates to a total of 131,600 kilocalories – a huge amount!

The average woman who exercises moderately intense every day burns about 2,000 kilocalories and about 2,500 kilocalories per day.

Using fat reserves unless you spend more energy than this an average of 66 days for a woman and 53 days for a man means it can be lived.

In practice, you’ll actually be able to handle it even longer because we have a third source of energy: protein.

A healthy adult weighing 70 pounds carries about 10 pounds of protein. Half of these can be broken down into smaller pieces known as amino acids that are later used as fuel.

Your body does not touch this energy source because the body’s own proteins are not designed to be used as an energy source. These proteins are an essential component of muscle, including the heart and respiratory muscles, and also play a role in defending the body against pathogens.

This is those who eat little or no food for a long time anorexia nervosa disease It becomes evident in patients with In addition to having very little body fat, a person with anorexia also has very little muscle because the body has broken down protein reserves to get enough energy.

What’s more, even the most harmless viruses, bacteria, and fungi can make someone with extreme anorexia sick because their immune system can no longer fight them.

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