I Don’t Trust A Recently Released Vaccine

The US scientist said on Wednesday that governments should not rely on a recent successful vaccine against COVID-19 when deciding whether to mitigate the restrictions imposed to contain the epidemic.

William Haseltine, a groundbreaking researcher of cancer, HIV / AIDS, and human genome projects, said the best approach is to manage the disease with careful monitoring of infections and strict isolation measures when they begin to spread.

“I don’t trust this,” he said as efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine continue.

Your computer can help Stanford researchers fight the coronavirus. How Does?

Vaccines previously developed for other coronavirus strains failed to protect the mucous membranes in the nose where the virus typically enters the body, he said. The virus can be controlled by identifying routes of transmission, finding and isolating exposed people, even without effective treatment or vaccination, he said. He urged people to wear masks, wash their hands, clean surfaces and keep distance. He said that China and some other Asian countries have used this strategy successfully, not doing enough to “forcibly isolate” anyone exposed to the virus in the US and other countries.

While the US, Russia and Brazil did the worst, China, South Korea and Taiwan did their best to reduce infections, he said.

-Dr. William Haseltine-

He said that experimental COVID-19 vaccines, in animal tests, reduce the viral load in organs such as the lungs, although infections remain. For treatment, patients are given antibody-rich plasma donated by people recovering from COVID-19, and drug manufacturers are trying to produce refined and concentrated versions of this serum. These products, known as hyperimmunoglobulin, “said where the first real treatments would be,” he said. And neutralizing the virus’s ability to enter human cells monoclonal antibodies * He stated that he predicts success with the researches on it.

Monoclonal antibodies: They are antibodies that react against only one epitope and are derived from only one B-Lymphocyte-based cell clone.

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