Interesting Effects of Psilocybin in Self Solution!

The psychedelic experience can be a little weary for the (hallucinatory) person’s self. Those who try Psilocybin and LSD, known as magic mushrooms, often experience personality loss or personality-fragmentation.


For some, these experiences change their lives completely, for others they are completely frightening. Still, no one knows exactly what these drugs do to our sense of self, despite story-telling stories such as “beautiful triggers” or “bad triggers.”

The cortex of the human brain is considered to be where the foundations of our self-awareness lie. Increasing studies also show that when someone “goes on a trip”, glutamate increases in this region. But so far we only had observational evidence on this subject. For the first time, researchers have directly investigated how taking psilocybin affects glutamate activity in the brain. The evidence is; It shows that our tendency to trigger for good or bad is directly related to glutamate.

In a placebo-controlled double-blind experiment, neuroscientists carefully analyzed glutamate levels and personality changes in subjects who gave them magic mushrooms whose active ingredient was psilocybin. The team monitored the brains of sixty healthy volunteers with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). They found significant activity change in the Cortex and Hippocampus of those using psilocybin. (Double blind experiment: It is a method used in clinical studies and increases the scientific value of the study. Neither the patient nor the physician following the patient know what the drug used in the experiment is. (So ​​both are blind to the drug being studied, they cannot know).

Glutamate Representation
Glutamate, also known as glutamic acid, is one of the most abundant amino acids in the human body.

The Importance of Psilocybin Use for Glutamate Activity in the Brain

Glutamate is the most common neurotransmitter in the brain. It is known that the cortex and hippocampus, which are thought to play a major role in self-esteem, are critically important in terms of fast signal sending and information recording.

It turns out that psychedelic drugs (dream medication or drugs) seem to have found a way to get into this system. Interestingly, in the new clinical study, researchers found that the glutamate response of these two regions of the brain to psilocybin was very different. In the study, they noticed that while high glutamate levels were detected in the prefrontal cortex during the “trip”, this level was low in the hippocampus. They think that this situation may be related to the person’s character and experiences being bad or good.

Researcher: “Analyzes show that site-dependent changes in glutamate are associated with different dimensions of self-dissolution.”And adds:Changes in glutamate are the strongest indicator of a negative self-dissociation experience, while changes in hippocampal glutamate are the strongest indicator of a positive self-dissociation experience.” says. Practically, we still don’t understand how this activity in the brain relates to our self, even if it does. Nevertheless, it has been suggested that psychedelics decompose regions of the brain, so factual or autobiographical information is instantaneously separated from a sense of personal identity.

The researcher also said, “Our data add to this hypothesis that hippocampal glutamate modulation in particular may be a key tool in the differentiation of emotions underlying positive ego dissolution.”Explains.

How Psilocybin Works in the Brain in Self Solution
First Study of Its Kind Offers Clues to How Psilocybin Works in the Brain in Self Solution

After decades of limited research, drugs such as psilocybin, LSD and DMT are finally being considered for their therapeutic usefulness. Understanding how these drugs work neurochemically could help scientists develop better treatments for those with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

While we will be using these substances to treat mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and addiction, we will need to understand how drugs “play” with our ego, hopefully we can do this without going into a bad “trip.”

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