Mediterranean Diet, The Only Diet With Lasting Health Benefits According to Analysis of 21,000 People

A new analysis of 121 diet studies examining the diets of more than 21,000 people found evidence to support what many experts have been saying for years. Strict diets don’t work in the long run.

In the article published in the British Medical Journal, the authors found that most of the 14 diets they studied had improvement in blood pressure and an average of six months. weight loss concluded with the result.

But a year after starting the diet, this losing weight most of the benefits are gone and the risk of heart disease, To the Mediterranean diet returned to where it was, except for those who were bound.

About 69% of the 21,942 participants were women, with an average age of 49, who followed the diet for about six and a half months.

Many of their diets were branded, such as South Beach, Weight Watchers, while others were trend-based, such as low-fat or paleo diets.

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Mediterranean Diet, The Only Diet With Lasting Health Benefits According to Analysis of 21,000 People

“Lowering your blood pressure or bad cholesterol over a period of six months will not make a long-term difference if it rises again.” Said writer Gordan Guyatt, a professor at McMaster University. “You need to lower your blood pressure and lipid values ​​for years before you can actually reduce your risk of bad events such as stroke and heart attack.” This study has provided evidence that diets don’t work in the long term.

Obesity levels around the world have tripled since 1975.

“The study reaffirms what we already know,” said Caroline Apovian, director of the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management at Boston Medical Center. said. Apovian noted that the study did not make as much difference as possible between different diets, and given that the study was an analysis of other studies, the authors had no way of examining what the participants actually ate.

Mediterranean Diet, The Only Diet With Lasting Health Benefits According to Analysis of 21,000 People

Participants on the omega-3-heavy diet added that the Mediterranean diet came out with a moderate victory in the study, as unlike all other diets, they maintained a low risk of heart disease over the 12-month period.

“There is some evidence that we have genetic presets for a given weight, at least in environments where we can eat as much as we want,” says Guyatt. said.

For people who have trouble keeping up with their diets, and according to current research, Guyatt says most people think they’re not alone.

Guyatt says, “I don’t think we know what a healthy diet is. So choosing something healthy and satisfying is probably the best you can do at this point. ”

What is the Mediterranean diet in short?

The type of diet formed based on the food consumed daily by the countries on the Mediterranean. It’s called the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet does not contain strict rules like many other diet plans.

It does not interfere with the eating times, variety and number of meals. It carefully selects only the products to be eaten.

Despite this, the Mediterranean diet is very rich in food. Foods in the Mediterranean diet where vegetables and seafood stand out; Red meat, poultry products, dairy products, cereals, nuts and any unprocessed but tasty product.

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