Report Connecting 5G to Covid-19 Has Been Canceled!

Recently published, 5G transmissions to human cells coronavirus claiming to trigger to generate to report The feedbacks made were comments by many readers about the illogicality of the report.

A research team suggests that 5G millimeter waves “produce holes in nuclei and fluids, similar to the shapes of the pentagonal or hexagonal bases of the DNA source,” which has a free biomedical base. Pubmedpublished an article in. Their conclusion: “These bases can combine with each other and form virus-like structures such as coronavirus.” was.

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Report Connecting 5G to Covid-19 Has Been Canceled!

Despite the group’s impressive credentials, the report was soon condemned for their conclusions and for the failure of any research to support them. Former Stanford Science Consultant Elisabeth Bik, who specializes in science ethics, stated that there was no evidence to prove the claims in the article and that it was an absolute nonsense. Bik added that the group is known for fantastic and unsupported hypotheses. Furious Bik even urged NCBI (Pubmed parent company) to ban these magazines.

Joel Hruska of Extremetech said that “5G waves are clearly distorting the actual bands it uses” and that the idea that “any virus wave will colonize the human body” is ridiculed. He noted that one of the authors of the article recently published a highly dubious article claiming that Covid-19 is treatable with a psoriasis drug, based on the results of a single asymptomatic patient. Hruska said, “None of these authors are authorized to speak about the causes of Covid-19, and the inclusion of this article in the Pubmed database is a serious methodological flaw in the approval process.

This is not science. This is what people who do not apply scientific methods in their work think it is science. “

Pubmed removed the article from its database after controversial comments on the article.

Publication of such a fake reportespecially at these times it is extremely disturbing. It serves to fuel a growing movement between ‘low-knowledge’ citizens, whose use is increasingly used to identify people who cannot distinguish between legitimate news sources and conspiracy sites that run downright illogical broadcasts that fill the edges of the Internet. Such sites raise doubts about legitimate research and established facts; It spreads malicious distortions of news events, science and health, and generates unnecessary fear and suspicion.

What is 5G? Information about 5G technology

5G will revolutionize telecommunications. It promises lightning fast internet connection speeds up to 50 times the current speeds, much wider coverage, lower power consumption and greater integration between smart devices, but the truth is; There are no studies confirming that the massive network required to set up 5G infrastructure will not affect health. There are currently 200,000 cellular towers supporting 4G LTE communication, 5G may require millions.

Most of the current safety regulations regulating exposure to EMF are based on research from the 1980s. But more than 500 studies since then point at least to the possible harmful effects of radiation, according to Scientific American. None of them are precise, but none can purge RF waves completely.

As Leeka Kheifets, an epidemiology professor at UCLA, said about EMF, “It is not yet clear that there are health risks, but it is not yet clear that there is no risk.”

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared radio frequency radiation a possible carcinogen to humans. In addition, a group of 250 scientists recently urged the United Nations and the World Health Organization to make stricter rules on EMF to protect the health of consumers.

In sum, the irresponsible publication of an absurd study reminds us that brutal claims of danger must be treated with justified skepticism; and that there should be guarantees of benefit and safety not supported by those who want to profit from new, untested technologies.

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