Second Worst Ebola Epidemic Officially Announced Ended

The methods used in the process of combating the disease are now being implemented for use in COVID-19 and other Ebola outbreak in Congo. The end has finally been reached in the second largest Ebola epidemic.

The epidemic that started in Congo in August 2018 infected a total of 3,470 people, and unfortunately two-thirds of these patients died. The total number of deaths was reported as 2287. May 14, epidemic was the day the last patient was discharged from the hospital. 42 days later, that is, after two full incubation periods of the ebola virus, as of June 25, it was announced that there were no new cases in the region.

In the World Health Organization, he declared that the epidemic is officially over.

Thereupon, the Congo health authorities and the World Health Organization also announced that the epidemic was officially over. This struggle that lasted for 22 months, It was Congo’s 10th Struggle with the Ebola virus.

Cases It was mainly concentrated in the North Kivu and Ituri regions. Health authorities also had to deal with misinformation and militant groups in order to contain the spread.

Unlike Ebola epidemics in the past, doctors used to try to keep cases under control. Vaccine They had such an important weapon. Developed against Ebola, this vaccine is the first and still the only Ebola vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2019. In addition, it has been observed in clinical trials that two new treatment methods developed to keep patients alive and healthy are also very efficient. According to the data of the World Health Organization, To break the release of this deadly virus, 250,000 people who had previously contacted infected patients were followed up by local authorities.

220,000 tests were carried out and 303,000 people were vaccinated. According to what Marshidiso Moeti, the Regional Manager for Africa of the World Health Organization, reported;

“Congo is now better, smarter and faster in the fight against Ebola. This situation sets a precedent for the fight against COVID-19 and other epidemics. ”

We will see the course of this exemplary situation and its reflections on the world in the coming days when we fight COVID-19 and we will.


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