The Most Comprehensive Study on Exploding Head Syndrome!

Also called episodic cranial sensory shock Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS) is a sensory disorder often characterized by a loud noise or popping sensation in the head when entering or leaving deep sleep. About the exact cause of EHS Little is known, and although not dangerous, it can cause fear, anxiety, and sleep interruptions.

In 2017, a survey was launched asking BBC Science Focus readers to share their EHS experiences in collaboration with psychologists at the University of London, St Mary’s College of Maryland, University of Notre Dame, and the University of Sussex.

Report on exploding head syndrome

People with bursting head syndrome experience a loud bang in the head when they go into and out of deep sleep.

About 7000 people responded to the 3,286 reporting experiences of EHS departments. Another 446 people reported symptoms of EHS at baseline. However, he was excluded from the study due to other medical conditions or excessive pain during the attacks.

Dr. Alice Gregory;

“I was delighted when Dan Bennett, editor of the BBC Science Focus, suggested this collaboration. Dr. Brian Sharpless, related to exploding head syndrome led the first article. The data set we collected was extremely rich and we have a lot to learn. ”

The results of the study were published in the journal Sleep Medicine. While 5 percent of patients said they had EHS several times a week, most said they only experienced it occasionally, 35 percent had one attack several times a year, and 40 percent had only a few attacks in their lives.

About 45 percent of all patients stated that they found the attacks scary and more than 25 percent experienced significant distress.

Although the exact cause of EHS is unclear, 60% of patients believed the condition was’ caused by something in the brain. Approximately 35 percent of patients thought that EHS was caused by stress, while 7 percent thought that their medication was a side effect, 2 percent thought it was caused by electronic devices, and 3 percent thought it could be caused by something supernatural.

The measures taken by patients to combat EHS are varied. Among them were thought to be more than 80 percent effective, avoiding sleeping on your back, but also 80 percent effective, going to bed earlier, getting 50 percent and more sleep, 50 percent increasing alcohol consumption. “Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS) is not discussed much in the media or elsewhere. As a result, people with this experience may know little about what is going on. ”

“In our study, we found that those with EHS reported lower sleep quality and less sleep than others. In the future, it about we want to know more. For example, could a sleep disturbance trigger this experience, or does someone with EHS have trouble falling asleep at night? ”

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