The Weird Answers of Japanese Over 100 When Asked What They Eat

According to the information released by the Japanese Minister of Health in June, the average life expectancy of the Japanese reached a record year at 87.45 for women and 81.41 for men.

These age-old people fascinate me. It’s fun to read their advice for a long life. However, if I didn’t have a solid mind and a strong body, I would never want to live a century. According to the Japan Cabinet Affairs report on the “Aging Society” in 2018; I learned that 70% of those aged 60-69, 50% of those aged 70 and over are working, volunteering in social activities (neighborhood or local events) and engaging in a hobby.

Researchers; Another study conducted in Okinawa, where they analyzed the age of Japanese centuries who were able to live independently (cook for themselves, do housework, live in their own homes, among other factors) came to another conclusion.

This study consisted of only 22 individuals; however, 82% of these individuals were on average 92 years old and still independent, while two-thirds were on average 97 years old. Okinawa is not even the province with the longest life expectancy in Japan.

Motoi Fukunishi, one of Japan’s oldest who lived to be 110 years old, says he ate everything and even liked dessert the most. Of course, when we meet a century-old Japanese, one question crosses our minds: What is the secret to healthy eating for a long and healthy life?

Among some of the most important responses given by these centuries, the strangest ones are:

  • Eating delicious things, sleeping well – Nabi Tajima, born on August 4, 1900 to 117 years old
  • Misao Okawa, who is the oldest person in the world who says that my key to long life is eating delicious things, passed away at the age of 117 in 2015. It was also revealed that Okawa consumed too much sushi and slept 8 hours a day.
  • Motoi Fukunishi, who says he eats everything and even likes dessert the most, is one of Japan’s oldest men who lived to be 110 years old.

Their focus was on the things they liked more.

They didn’t call it foods that everyone knows is low in fat, high in fiber, or sugar-free. They even disregard a diet of vegetables, whole grains, or mostly grilled fish. They defined this type of nutrition that made them live for more than a century with the words ‘Like and Delicious’. When we talk about healthy eating, it’s also tempting to talk about nutritional science, necessarily. We rely on all foods, colorful vegetables and healthy oils to live well, and we think these are enough.

If we were a robot or a computer algorithm, all this would be enough. However, we human beings are much more complicated than these mechanisms; Food not only supports and nourishes our body, it also plays an important role in our identity, our culture, our relationship with others, and how we see ourselves.

That’s why; These people who live their lives well see eating as a source of joy in their lives rather than a routine job. Eating good food is the key!

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